3rd Seminar of Studies on Brazilian Migration in Europe

The Seminar on the Studies of Brazilian Migration in Europe has had two previous editions. The first one was in Spain in 2010  and then in Portugal in 2012. It is a biennial event which will have its third edition at the Institute of Education – University of London. This 2014 edition has been brought to the UK via the work being developed by GEB, the Brazilian Migration to the UK Research Group.

The Seminar has four main objectives:

(1) To enable researchers who study the Brazilian migration in Europe to exchange knowledge in relation to social, cultural, economic and political issues, among others, affecting this group;
(2) To encourage the development of partnerships between academics in different countries and institutions who develop work on Brazilian migration in Europe;
(3) To produce reference material on the latest pieces of work being developed on Brazilian migration in Europe.

(4) Finally, to contribute to think and develop policies and public actions which can improve the everyday life of Brazilians in Europe.

www.ioe.ac.uk/geb     http://geblondon.wordpress.com      www.facebook.com/geb.london


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